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Minor Loss of Fidelity (chapbook, Finishing Line Press, 2022)


In Peter Caccavari’s Minor Loss of Fidelity, people react to their environment—whether natural or human-made—and work to make sense of their encounter.  The poems chronicle a variety of losses, but also a variety of hard-won gains.  These encounters with environment are mirrored in encounters of content with poetic forms.  Personal history, natural history, and poetic history undergird the present, and these gird the present for the future. 


“Peter Caccavari’s first book of poetry is a testament to resisting despair, how to live with, how to come to love, loss of life, the losses of the body. In these poems there is comfort in the everyday and, more important, in the natural world where there are always reminders, always remainders, of what has almost—but not quite—disappeared.”

Tyrone Williams, author of washpark with Pat Clifford (delete press, 2021)

“Sweet and elegant, wry and inquisitive, the poems of Peter Caccavari prove formally rigorous and informally dazzling. Whether
writing about the cosmos or the supermarket, COVID-19 or Jupiter, Caccavari offers us solace lined with skepticism—or maybe skepticism lined with solace?—our lives together in this earth-bound moment his deepest subject. In a crown of sonnets, terza rima, a villanelle, and buckets full of free verse, Minor Loss of Fidelity makes us all better, not a curative but a reckoning.”

Alan Michael Parker, author of Age of Discovery (Tupelo Press, 2020)


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